Exolon (1H Set)

Exolon (1H Set)


Exolon is the psychedelic trance solo project of Pedro Matias aka DJ Fluxo, one of the pioneer psytrance artists from Portugal, co-founder of the Quest4Goa collective and co-creator of the party and festival scene in Portugal that has been going on for more than a decade. Besides that, Pedro is part of a series of other musical projects, such as Chilled C'Quence, Uasca and Photonik.

His journey has taken him all the way to Boom Festival, Hadra, Al Andalluz, Dream Gathering, Sonica, ZNA Gathering, and many more, following a path of dedication and love and materializing the sonic representation of the Fluxo dance floor vision through Exolon.

Exolon can be described as powerful melodic psychedelic trance music, with carefully tailored songs, written with the intention of expanding consciousness, filled with conductive emotional patterns and rhythms. Spiritual chants whispering eternal melodies guide you on a musical trip of shamanic consequences, turning the whole experience into a  highly-danceable exploration of the cosmic realms that exists in the collective psychedelic universe, lifting the spirit upwards.

His live debut on June 2016 and appearances on major Portuguese events has obtained  him increasingly positive reactions and feedback from both crowd and organizers.

Pedro‚Äôs music captivated the interest of the powerful DJ Boom Shankar German based label BMSS Records, which released his debut EP "Spiritual Voices" and invited Exolon and Fluxo to join the label, welcoming him to a special and wonderful family of psychedelic visionary artists.  At BMSS, "Spiritual Voices EP" was followed by a free release "Oceanic Experience". The cooking never stops and in the next month a new EP is scheduled to be released to the world.

On other labels, he released some collaborations and singles. For Sangoma with the mighty Rezonant, "Landscapes of Imagination". For Profound Records with Zatzak the track "Out of Order". The single "Pyramid Connection" for Kunayala  Records v/a Lingam/Yoni, and also "Unexpected Reality" for Mainstage Records.

At the moment Pedro is finishing new exciting collaborations, together with some fresh  solo tracks reserved for this promissing summer.




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