Dave Mac (2H30 Set)

Dave Mac (2H30 Set)

Dave Mac

Dave Mac has been rocking psytrance dance floors for 20 years, having played an important role in influencing and developing the South African psychedelic scene.

Having deejayed every imaginable timeslot from opening to closing and everything in between, Dave’s vast experience in psychedelic culture guarantees you a journey of self-expression.

His involvement in psytrance and dance music culture stretches across many different areas from partnering in South Africa’s premier production team – Alien Safari in the early 2000’s, to owning South Africa’s No.1 dance music publication, BPM Magazine, for 10 years.

He also co-founded Cape Town’s biggest Psytrance New Year’s Eve event – Rez Fest (originally called PRISM) and along with partners Vortex and Etnicanet, as a member of Alien Safari team, produced the historical 5-day SA 2002 Total Solar Eclipse with over 200 international and local artists.

In mid-2000’s Dave also released and album under the name DMMT, called Africa Bombastic along with production partner DJ Hoover. He toured the album in Europe, Brazil and Australia during this period.  

Today Dave Mac continues to perform at every major festival in South Africa, runs SA’s premier online music publication portal, IDM Mag, and remains 100% invested in the local and global psytrance movement.


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