Daksinamurti (2h30 Set)

Daksinamurti (2h30 Set)


Till is a psychedelic trance artists, ethnologist and manager of the Sangoma Records label, based in Marburg, Germany. His work in festivals worldwide has been going since the year 2000.

His discovery of goa trance in India led him to develop a diverse tasted and study the effects of mind-bending music on the human body. Combining his passion for anthropology, music and culture, he has then put his experience into various projects, festivals and music related project within and beyond the psychedelic scene. Till’s sounds can be described as psychedelia for both day and night time - with extended DJ sets far from anything predictable - and feature colorful and energetic music suitable for dancing at any hour of the party.

His international reputation has been affirmed through his work in countless parties and festivals - namely Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Modem (Croatia), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Sonica (Italy), Psy-Fi (The Netherlands), Hadra Trance Festival (France), Alien Safari (South Africa), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), Universal Religion (Nepal), Antaris (Germany), VooV (Germany), Fusion (Germany), Waldfrieden (Germany), Freedom Festival (Portugal), S.U.N Festival (Hungary), and many more.

Some of his works are the album “Synthetic Organism” (2014) on Timecode Records, two EPs on BMSS records (2015) and Digital Psionics (2017).

Daksinamurti’s love for diversity, mystical themes and shamanism are also reflected in multiple compilation releases he worked on - always evolving his perspective of contemporary psychedelic music and culture.




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