Confo (1H30 Set)

Confo (1H30 Set)


Thanasis Confortini, was born in 1987 near Athens, Greece, within an italian-greek family of music teachers and enthusiasts. His path started with classic music and evolved into an increasing interest in psychedelic trance and the underground psychedelic greek scene.

After a eye-opening trip to Goa, and working as a DJ for Europe and Goa based parties, the Confo project was signed by Giuseppe and the Parvati Records Family, which led to the releasing of the track Kosmos with the 1st Parvati Records Digital EP: Digitally Yours.

The release of his first EP in 2015 received a highly positive feedback from the public and dancefloors around the globe.

His music features deep funky atmospheres, crystal sounds and sometimes live electric violin to bring romance to the dancefloor.


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