Chill Out Gardens

Chill Out Gardens

This is ambient heaven for connoisseurs of the comfort groove — and it embodies the principles of a garden designed for mental and physical relaxation. 

Strictly chill, it also defies any notion of becoming a dance floor vortex, as appears to be the growing trend.

The musical score here permeates the panoramic landscape to cinematic effect. Downbeat electronica, binaural beats, levitational vibrations, atmospheric idiosyncrasies are on the menu. And if sound can physically brighten a space, then here you’ll find the proof.

Both ancient and modern, the Chill Out Gardens are distilled with a healing vibration.

Cultures across centuries have manifested the same: whether it’s the Japanese Zen garden, the Monastic Cloister Gardens, the Islamic Paradise gardens or the Great Gardens of China - humans have known for time immemorial that therapeutic landscapes nourish the mind-body-soul. 

Get into the horizontal position and recline into a nest of thick carpets and cushions to enjoy the cosy bosom of the Chill Out Gardens. Soft landing or gentle astral take off — sound journeys will be delivered by an assembly of audio-visual artists, philosophers of sound and ethnomusicologists. And each day, a different live music performance will give additional colour to your sunset to first light Boom-time transmission.  

The Chill Out experience is not limited to a music space - the area also comprises 3 hubs where you can indulge in massages and bodywork. 

As we're experiencing Oneness, we kindly ask you to detach from social conditioning, forget your national identity and not to bring national flags to Boom Festival. Be here NOW, disconnect your cell phones, your electronic devices, offer yourself to others and the nature.  You Will Be More Connected When You Disconnect.

All is well. And all will be well. See you here.

Online applications for the 2018 Chill Out Gardens program are closed. Thank you to all who applied!



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