Sofia Ferreira

Sofia Ferreira

Sofia Ferreira

Sofia Ferreira is certified in Fasciatherapy and Somathology- Danis Bois Method, and has been involved in movement research and education since 2003. She studied directly with the creator of this Method, Danis Bois, a French osteopath who understood that there was a movement inside the body that is our creative potential and a force of self-healing. She also studied dance and was active in performative projects until 2017. Now she is committed with teaching a combination of dance and consciousness with the subtle approach of the sensorial and somatic movement. In Mexico (where she lived), she also studied at the Holistic Maya Institute “traditional medicines” and plant Alchemy (Spaegyria), developing intuitively her own group of Vibrational Elixirs: YONAH. She gives workshops, in person or at distance consultations and she prepares stock concentrate bottles for other therapists.

Fasciatherapy Sessions

It’s a subtle massage through the fascia, connective tissue that covers all parts of our anatomy, accessing the movement inside our bodies that is a healing potential, not just at a physical level, but also emotional, mental and spiritual. Some immediate purposes are general relaxation, increase in vital energy, development of consciousness and creativity.

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Sensorial and Conscious Movement Sessions

It’s an awakening of our creative movement, freeing our inner life force and transforming our body into a sensitive partner for expression. Presence, empathy, sensitivity, authenticity, trust, flow, intention are some of the ingredients of this work.


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