Juliane Krutsch

Juliane Krutsch

Juliane Krutsch

Growing up, massage was a natural part in Juliane’s family life. Her mother gave her brother and her massages. She started teaching Juliane when she was a teenager. They both learned the Massage after Dr. Simeon Pressel, under the same teacher. This massage works with forms and rhythm to bring back order and balance to the body and mind. After that she continued studying many different methods and therapies.

Currently Juliane is enrolled in the University for Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Fytotherapie.

Deep Tissue

Deep -Tissue is a Massage what works with a lot of force and pressure to get deep as possible in the tissue of the skin and the muscles.

Bliss Massage

The Bliss -Massage is a gentle treatment to relax the muscles and the mind.

Both methods are adjusted to one’s individual needs, with components of kinesiology, acupressure, myofacial therapie and others.
This special combination of the aforementioned methods is called the Yin-Yang Massage. This is a Massage that relieves stress, emotional and physical pain and brings balance to your body and mind.


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