Julia Vaya-Mai

Julia Vaya-Mai

Julia Vaya-Mai

Julia is a passionate and intuitive healer who combines psychosomatic and holistic approach in her therapies. She developed her own type of bodywork to restore, balance and energize a body's energy system. She’s also is a Vortex Devine healing practitioner.

While being on her own healing journey she realised that the most effective way to heal oneself and others is presence, love and touch. This led her to study the art of massage for three years. Always looking for authentic Julia learned an Ayurvedic massage in India, Thai Yoga massage in Thailand and Tantric massage and Vortex Devine healing in UK. And various additional methods that she combines in her therapies.

Along with the studies Julia pays close attention to personal development & growth and being practising Tantra, meditation and yoga for 10 consecutive years as well as enjoying on daily basis raw and vegan food preparation, teaching Tantra and contemporary dance.


Vortex Healing®

An energetic healing that works with divine light and consciousness to perform deep emotional, physical and karmic healing. The method helps to release, emotional issues, karmic patterns and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body.

Integrative bodywork

Based on Ayurvedic massage, Thai yoga massage, De-armouring and Kashmiri massage includes acupressure, work on meridians, passive stretches and abdominal massage, using deep, slow and skilful pressure. Aiming to trigger suppressed emotions and release traumatic memories as well as opening the energy pathways and balancing the energies in the body. Can be performed with or without oils. To achieve a deeper release and rebalancing it is recommended to book a 2h slot.



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