Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia

Hugo has been working with shiatsu and massage since 2004 as a way to reconnect with the body, gain more self awareness and reach out to others exchanging and resonating universal information through the art of touch.

The journey into body-mind therapies started while he started practicing yoga and meditation in 2003, leading him to the International Shiatsu School in Portugal and Switzerland, followed by work in high quality spas in 5* hotels and retreat centres, enabling growth in his own practice as an independent worker and teacher.


Developed by the exquisite Japanese culture and adapted to the western body-mind set, Shiatsu emerges in this fast passed hectic culture to help you reconnect and embody your emotions and feelings through refined, sensitive, deep energetic body work.  Are you afraid it might be painfull?! No worries, with pressure tailured to your capacity to receive, you will integrate the sensations in ever deeper relaxing ways.

Deep Tissue / Relaxing Massage

Give yourself a space to reconnect with your body, gain more self awareness or simply relax,  let go and get a deserved brake from work, the heat or dancing. This oil massage can provide you with relief from ackes, pains and tentions as you journey into your body with the help of a carefull yet strong skilful touch.


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