Emylaine is a self-taught digeridoo musician, a soul researcher in the vibrational world of Sound.

The didgeridoo landed on her life during the summer of 2008, becoming into her inseparable companion travel. This magnificent instrument represents to her a fundamental research tool to meditate, creating an useful harmony in her spiritual life. Then, as of the didgeridoo approach, Emylaine started to increase particular fascination around the use and the practice of specific sound frequencies as a meditation tool, to achieve fulfilment, relaxation, harmonization and restore body, mind and spirit. This fact led her to the become a practitioner in sound-therapy techniques through the use of Tibetan singing bowls. She is certified sound-therapist by the Medson Sound Research Center (Queb├ęc) since 2013.


Tibetan singing bowls sound healing

Sound healing and meditative perform, synchronized with 8 tibetan planetary bowls.

Sound-Therapy is a discipline that uses sounds, frequencies and vibrations with therapeutic and harmonizing purpose. Is a technique based on body bio-resonance of sound and its vibration reflex. The practice of sound-therapy also considered as "the touch by the sounds"

concerns an audible dimension of sound perception, including perceptions on skin, and also subcutaneous intra-body vibration and energy.

Didgeridoo healing relaxation

Didgeridoo massage consists in provide an whole audible and vibrant massage all over the body using the deep resonant frequency of the sound of the didgeridoo, in attempt to give relaxation, as well to lead both, body and mind, into to a deep state of peace, straightly connected with the deepest frequency of the root chakra.

Sound healing with therapeutical tuning forks

Sound healing with therapeutical tuning forks aims on the arrangement of tuning forks along the body meridians, following the same principle as the Tibetan singing bowls. Each tuning forks is tuned in different frequencies, and once activated it generates a vibrational resonance over the pressure point creating a subtil audible/tactile perception on the body, releasing as well a physical and mind relief moment.



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