Ezekiel (Yehezkel) Feldman

Ezekiel (Yehezkel) Feldman

Ezekiel (Yehezkel) Feldman

Yehezkel is a certified practitioner of the Ancient Hawaiian Healing art of Lomi lomi. Lomi is a comprehensive discipline that has been enjoying a revival in recent years in the Hawaiian islands and throughout the world.

For the past 8 years, Yehezkel has trained intensively at Pā Ola Hawaiʻi and served a private apprenticeship under Master Lomi Kumu (teacher, in Hawaiian) Alva Andrews, the preeminent teacher to train practitioners to focus on lomi Iwi (bones, in Hawaiian). Pā Ola Hawaiʻi is now under the leadership of Kumu Pōmaikaʻi Freed who has achieved uniki (rite of passage, In Hawaiian) which elevated her to Kumu status.

Yehezkel currently lives in Hawaii, where he practices and is one of the Directors (alakai) at Pā Ola Hawaiʻi where he trains groups and individuals in this therapy and its modalities.

Lomi Lomi Iwi

While commonly thought of as only a massage oil therapy,  lomi Iwi (bones, in Hawaiian) is the skeletal structure. This method parallels chiropractic in its approach to bones, which also works on the ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia and their influence on energy pressure points. Lomi is a holistic technique that treats and addresses the connection between the clients emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical body.

This art form works from the belief that diseases occur when we are not in balance in one of these areas. This is a powerful modality, especially when individuals are confused and in pain. Lomi Lomi Iwi helps release the negative feelings that have manifested in the body. The intention is to create Harmony in all aspects of one’s self. Lokahi (Unity/Harmony in Hawaiian )

Treatment includes:

● Energy strengthening, circulation, and balancing

● Bone adjustments

● Blood oxygenation and circulation

● Lymphatic drainage

● Posture alignment

● Deep-tissue lomi-lomi massage

● Breathwork practice and awareness


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