Catarina Piedade

Catarina Piedade

Catarina Piedade

Catarina started as a bodyworker in 2011, performing Therapeutic Massage. But her first approach to massage was in 2007 with an Ayurvedic Massage Course.

To learn more about anatomy and biomechanics, and to understand the pathologies of pain caused by tension, injuries or musculoskeletal disorders, she attended the “Therapeutic Massage Course”.

Since April 2013 she went deeper into my formation with “Niramaya Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage” in India and “Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics Therapy Course” in Thailand.  After four years in Asia, she is presently working on my own as Massage Therapist while attending an Osteopathy course, in Portugal.

After joining the Healing Area Team in 2012, 2014 and 2016 Boom Festival, the Be-In 2015 and Being Gathering 2017, she is looking forward to sharing her energy at Boom Festival again performing Therapeutic Massage, which works at the deep tissue level.



Therapeutic Massage

The Therapeutic Massage is done with natural oils and applies specific techniques of manual manipulation of soft tissues  (muscle, connective tissue, fascia, tendons and ligaments).

Working both in superficial and deep tissues, it relieves muscular tension reducing symptoms of pain and discomfort resulting from injuries or musculoskeletal disorders.

It contributes to the balance of muscle tone, increases flexibility and helps to release stiffness, adhesions and movement restrictions, leading to improvement of movement and functionality. The deep tissue massage also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, contributing to the reduction of fatigue and the release of the toxins.

This massage works at the deep tissues level, acting on the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and contributing to the emotional balance, creating conditions for a physical and psychological well-being.



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