Catarina Palma

Catarina Palma


Since she was a child, she always felt and saw the energy around her. It was hard to deal with it and just at her late twenty’s, she received her first aura reading, pregnant with her second daughter.

It was her step to awakening. Since then, she became a more consciousness person and I trie, everyday, to accomplish her purpose in this life, with all the challenges that it entailss

Catarina has Essential Reiki III, Aura Reading training and has studied Numerology. She waited some years to become a teacher of Aura Reading but it was one of the greatest achievement in her ife.

Now she is integrating the Shamanism, doing usually medicine ceremonies, giving Munay Ki initiations and practices Iyengar Yoga.

Aura Reading

The Aura is the energy field surrounding our physical body, reflecting our essence, character, health, emotional and mental state.

It also contains a set of information, such as memories and soul states, which can reveal patterns associated with the present moment, bringing understanding and giving information about projects being now created. It also allows a cleansing of the chakras (energy centers), readjusting their energy.

Through the Aura’s Reading we can understand how our choices and behaviors affect our lives and energy, and helps us to integrate that information.

Aura Reading is a way to discover yourself, healing those parts that keep you away from achieving a happier and more fulfilling life.

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