Yemanjo - Ben Harris

Yemanjo - Ben Harris


Ben Harris aka Yemanjo is a musician, DJ, bodyworker and ceremonial facilitator. Since staying in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2015, he has offered cacao-infused ceremonies and dances at festivals and private events all over the world. He brings a deep love and respect for the medicine of sacred plants like cacao as well as years of experience as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and healer. His original music as Yemanjo draws on Colombian shamanic music, Afro-Latin rhythms and electronic beats; he calls it "medicine music for the 21st century".




WORKSHOP Shamanic Ritual

Cacao Dance with Yemanjo 

Music and dance are some of the best ways we know of to celebrate, move through emotions and heal. When combined with the sacred medicine of cacao, a natural heart activator and energizer, the results can be noticeably augmented. Starting with a cacao blessing and meditation, we will use a conscious movement exercise to root us in our bodies and create a safe, held space. Yemanjo will provide a sound journey encompassing multiple genres and moods while also mixing in his original music with live instrumentation and singing. By starting with internal work and gradually working outward through movement and connection, we celebrate our existence in this body and find a new plant medicine ally in the process!

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