Tanou (Reginald Hochmuth)

Tanou (Reginald Hochmuth)


He always had a strong drive and desire to know, see and experience more of this world.

After some traumatizing experiences in his childhood, losing his brother when he was 9 years old, some spiritual experiences in his teens and a continuing deep yearning for more wholeness, he left Austria at the age of 19 as large part of who he was left out by his education and longed to live. He dedicated over 10 years to the intense practice and study in Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong in Asia in this search and in the years after. It’s been a ride of an adventure through a huge territory of practices, healing modalities, different meditative and embodiment disciplines, shadow and emotional work, body centered psychotherapy, relating and communication practices, psychic and intuitive trainings, reiki, martial arts, retreats, spiritual technologies, shamanic journeys, fasting and nutritional development, communities and many of life’s lessons in his ongoing zest for learning and offering healing and awakening in the most accessible, loving and effective way possible.


WORKSHOP Martial Arts

Boom Qi Gong

This Qi Gong work is to help ground you in your body, energy and spiritual body. With various colorful, beneficial and deeply engaging exercises to build and refine your Qi and healthy states of being. Boom!

Qi Gong literally means Energy Work or the skill work with and harness the powers of the universe . It can thus be seen as the umbrella term for all energy work in general but definitely all martial, healing, sexual and spiritual practices coming out of China. Qi Gong is usually more known for its Tai Ji like postures and refined movements but actually entails the whole treasure of all previous mentioned practices.

Come and try!

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