Tamara Messenger

Tamara Messenger


A personal apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements” which lasted several years, led Tamara to become a teacher of his advanced path of “Dreaming”. She then went on to create Quantum Liberation after receiving intuitive downloads.

Quantum Liberation now combines the best of both worlds: ancestral Toltec wisdom and a new energy healing method that is simple, fluid and very powerful to let go of inner blocs.

It aims to restore fluidity and centering where there was heavy blockages, angst or doubt.

Issues can be taken care in a few minutes, incredible as it may seem.

It works on all levels at the same time: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, current and past lives, familial patterns, survival brain blocks (emotional paralysis, avoidance or being overly in action).

You can learn Quantum Liberation for yourself, by attending a weekend workshop.Quantum Liberation individual healing sessions are also available after the festival by phone or skype. 

Tamara hears thought patterns and inner blocks, senses energy and feels other people's emotions. She also speaks English and French fluently, Spanish conversationally and Russian when she remembers it. Feel free to come up to her in whichever language you speak, as the language of the heart is universal!


WORKSHOP Body, Mind and Spirit

Becoming Infitiny with Quantum Liberation 

Imagine living connected to Source everyday…

Having a powerful way to resolve inner blocages as they come up, finding your center and power to act meaningfully...

Our Quantum Liberation workshop will give you the experience of shifting your deeply held perspectives about yourself and life. You will also learn the “Heart Flash” a simple and powerful take-home tool. Participants have reported major life changes simply by attending. Mix of exchanging, dancing and liberating “meditative” exercices will create powerful shifts in a profound yet fun way.

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