Shri Surendar Puri

Shri Surendar Puri


Shri Surender Puri is a Sthanapati of the Juna Akhara and maintains an Ashram in Rishikesh and also Italy. He has been a renunciate sadhu from the age of 5. At the age of 7 he started living the life of a ascetic in the caves of the himalayas. His father, an Ayurvedic Dr was warned by astrologers about not exposing him to Sadhus as the pull to spend yet another life time with them would be too strong for him to resist. When the young boy met his master at the age of 5 he ran away from home and lived with his master who was a well respected and spiritually gifted baba. Shri Dayanand Puri has had lifetimes of education in the scriptures of Sanathan Dharma, Yoga and the secret techniques of the naga babas. He was taught Prana Pratishta by his Gurus and built many temples around the statues he learnt to breathe life into by channelling specific angelic energies. Some of these temples became extremely popular in north India owing to the energy situation they facilitate for their visitors. His work involves creating energy situations and imparting ancient spiritual teachings for the upliftment of humanity. He has taught yoga meditation and the magic of yagya to people in India and most European countries. His work in Italy led the government to give him a honorary citizenship. He is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit, Italian and English.


Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremonies are central to all prayer and ceremony in the vedic culture and Sanatan Dharma. Fire is considered as the element of alchemy that allows transference of food and energy between the Beings consisting of 5 elements (Plants, Animals, Humans) and those consisting of only 3 elements (Ancestors, Angels, Devas). Plants eat light and give us food, we animals and humans eat food and produce sound, and the Angels and Devas eat sound and produce light. Fire ceremonies are thus accompanied by mantras that are essentially food for the Devas. Fire ceremonies are known to bring the blessings of these Angels into our lives. These blessings will permeate the boom festival campus once the fire ceremony is conducted and all our invited to participate in it for maximum effects.

Conducted by Shri Surendar Puri, Apoorva & Naga Babas of the Juna Akhara

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