Scott Binder

Scott Binder

Scott Binder

Binder (aka Scott Binder), is a high-tech-healer that combines shamanic drum journeying, with organic electronic music, and live percussion: woven together to create a sonic journey that stimulates clarity and release through dance and movement.

Although Scott had been on a spiritual path since the early 2000s, studying various modalities such as shamanism, meditation, and psychology, it wasn’t until he was diagnosed with a life-threatening health challenge in 2015 that inspired him to let go of rigid behaviors and off-kilter philosophies in order to strive to live a life of harmony in order to embrace his calling as a sonic-healer of shamanic drum-journeying, song and dance.

Leaving the music world he used to be in where the focus was on the performing artist, BINDER embraces a reality where he is simply a conduit for helping others to create more flow in their lives, by means of the tools he has been studying over the years.

SOUND JOURNEY Deep Dive - Sound and Movement Journey

A journey within and with others through shamanic drum journey, and dance movement sound journey.

At the beginning, we will start off in a circle where Scott will explain how the shamanic drum journey works. From there, the drum will guide us into the journey within, followed by a DJ set with Scott playing live percussion.   At the end of the sound journey, Scott will play the Kingonki LuLu melodic drum as we end up in the realms of stillness, resting with vibrations gathered during our journey.


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