Rachel Moore & Andre Meyer

Rachel Moore & Andre Meyer


Rache and Andre are elemental alchemists, international facilitators and yoga teachers who create awakening experiences through movement, music and ritual. They have travelled the globe sharing their music and workshops and currently live together is Sydney where they host conscious dance and cultural events as Rainbow Tribe.

Rache is the founder of Rainbow Tribe in Sydney, creating events and retreats for connection to community, nature and self, inspired by traditions that honour the earth, many of celtic pagan origin. Holding a University degree in Leisure Studies she is a professional creator of fun, a mentor for women and qualified yoga teacher.

Andre Meyer aka DJ Sohm is a global gypsy, renown author, dedicated Ashtanga Yogi, acclaimed body modification artist and DJ. André finds inspiration for his music and methodology by studying tribal culture, his music reflects this, carrying audiences from Amazonian villages to intergalactic realms. André’s book Lindo DeDoer, chronicles his vast experiences in a record of esoteric, exotic, spiritual tribal festivals, body art and ritual.




Rise and Shine: Shamanic Dance 

Come on a journey with us and connect to the ancient ritual of dance and shamanic power of elemental dance. Together let’s awaken the magic and cultivate the medicine that resides within every cell of our being through conscious breath, liberating movement, clear intention and entrancing music.

Our dance will invoke the five elements, calling their qualities into the experience to awaken our senses, the filter through which we perceive and digest the Universe. This is an opportunity to learn about elemental alchemy, ritual and energy. Our music and movement is inspired by cultures around the world including Celtic, Aboriginal, Brazilian, Asian and African influences.

Hosted by Rachel Moore and Andre Meyer, this is a workshop for the cosmic, curious and creative creatures of Boom. Our vision is to bring a potent natural high to everyone in this workshop, connecting us to each other, to our radiant selves and to the infinite energy of the Universe.

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