Paris Bustillos

Paris Bustillos


Partner Yoga is taught by Paris Bustillos and Rosa Moudene. Originally practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, the pair decided to expand their knowledge by learning "Venus" or "partner" Kriyas. After learning their Currently is expanding even further with a blend of disciplines now taught at US regional festivals with the goal of keeping yoga playful, accessible and fun.




Anahata Partner Yoga

We open the workshop with Kundalini rooted warm up stretches then move into a series of poses. The poses are practiced with a partner and are modified to meet the levels of all participants. The pacing of the class conducts the practitioner to continuously rest and meditate between each of the poses and adhere to principles of Kundalini that foster rest between cycles of high resistance postures. No partner arrangement is necessary prior to the workshop, as we will be rotating through various partners throughout the session. A big part of Anahata's mission is to put people together in a safe and healthy environment. People are encouraged to meet each other and communicate their needs continuously throughout the session.


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