Omananda & Great Love

Omananda & Great Love


Greta Love is a Swedish Yoga teacher with 400 hours +, a natural mystic and a crystal child. She travels around the world exploring and teaching the Yoga lifestyle in over 10 different countries, on both land and water. Greta is also a massage therapist, a sound healer and an amazing being.

Omananda has used didgeridoos for vibrational sound healing since 1997. He started traveling as a wandering mystic barefoot through India with a didgeridoo after his spiritual awakening. As a shamanic multimedia artist and visionary he channels cosmic LOVE and consciously works with energy to transform reality.

Txai Fernando is a musician from Brazil who has been accepted by indigenous medicine people of the Amazon as one of them - the Huni Kuin. He has studied and practiced the way of the medicine (tribes) for more than two decades. Txai knows thousands of medicine songs by heart.



WORKSHOP Sound Journey and Shamanic

Sound Bath & Shamanic Healing / With didgeridoos, tuning forks, over toning and surprises

Each human body has a unique sound-vibration, which is sacred to that individual. Re-aligning with this frequency serves to balance the energetic body and ultimately re-connect us with our divine presence and purpose.

Greta Love is a practitioner of Nada-Yoga, which means union through sound. In this path to spiritual awakening, Greta uses mantra and sound healing as a tool to remember our inner wisdom, allowing intuition to be heard so that the teacher inside us can guide us.

The didgeridoos and tuning forks Omananda uses during vibrational sound healing create powerful overtones that deeply penetrate the human body, where healing naturally takes place, through alignment.

Txai Fernando is a multi-instrumentalist and shamanic healer. This great musician from Brazil shares his sound medicine for this magical treat. Be in time and find your place to lay down.

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