Naima Naim

Naima Naim


Naima discovered her passion for hooping in Boomland 2012. Then, started travelling for USA and Europe learning with the best hoopers in the world. She makes hoops and dances with fire and leds hoops and perform until six hoops at the same time. Teaching and performing with "Espai de Circ" in Valencia, Spain.

As with a background in oriental dance with corporals meditations techniques and shamanic experiences, she creates with spiritual propose , dance hooping: " Activating yours Chakras by hula hoop"

it is a way to dance with yourself in the Universe. Chakras means "heel" similar to a hoop.

We can activate our energy by dancing with hoops, we can equilibrate our chakras dance in the natura with hoops, dancing in Boomland and discovering . We are One. Namaste.


Activating Chakras By Hula Hoop

The circle of life is an eternal hoop. Sacred Geometry use the hoop for explains the energy of live the patterNs of the nature and cycles with figures alive. The connection between Heaven, us and the Mother Earth. When we dance hula hoop we create energy of spiral feeling the unity with the whole. We can active our chakras thought the hula hoop. The hoop was used from Egyptians to now. A tool to play to dance to feel connection with the nature to draw figures geometry

Being in harmony with the Universe in Boomland sacred place!

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