Luke Elijah

Luke Elijah


Singapore based spiritual practitioner Luke Elijah was born into a family of holistic healers and spiritual practitioners dating back four generations. After his own spiritual awakening, Luke left a successful multiple award winning career in the fashion and media industry to follow the footsteps of his ancestry. Together with both of his parents, Luke runs and operates the popular holistic center "Heaven on Earth", which is conveniently located in downtown Singapore and offers a variety of holistic services and products. They frequently travel around the world to exhibit and present at various spiritual fairs and holistic festivals. Luke has also been extensively featured by the international press and media such as the History Channel, CNN and Channel News Asia.



WORKSHOPS Meditation and Sound Journey


Rainbow Chakra Healing & Light Body Activations

Be guided through a restful and relaxing meditation to open up all seven major energy centers so as to restore yourself back into total equilibrium and holistic balance. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, crystal grids, sacred geometry, sung mantras, and sound healing will also be highlights of this transformative group healing session. Leave feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and filled with inner bliss.

Sound Journey / Meditation

Sacred Geometry Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in a powerful and rejuvenating combination of sacred geometry, colour therapy, aromatherapy, and shamanic sound healing. The various beautiful sound healing tools and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils will bring about deep healing and regenesis at the cellular levels, and restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to their optimal holistic balance. Relax your senses and lie down in a healing sound cocoon of heavenly resonance and high vibrational frequencies. You will leave feeling recharged, re-energized and revitalized.

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