Lex Empress

Lex Empress

Lex Empress

Throughout the course of her musical career, Lex Empress has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Improvisation has always been her ally and in the past few years, she has fine-tuned her interactive musical improvisations to create transformation for the listener. Soulsong is the song of love, of hope, of joy, of release or even a success in business. Since 2017 Lex has been hosting Soulsong workshops and retreats, teaching people the healing power of Soulsong, the intuitive expression of what is.


We will embark on a vocal journey to explore the spirit of song. This magical work provides insights in physical, emotional and practical themes. You will learn to vocalise your spirit song and are given the opportunity to open up to understanding and voicing that which is hidden inside of you. Techniques used are Lex' Vocal Flow, visualizations, meditation and more.

Experience with singing is not necessary. No maximum of people.

Lex and Gilian (piano) will also play one-on-one soulsongs and group soulsongs.

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