Harida, born in 1949, in Chile, studied classical drums and percussion at the conservatory in Santiago and Rome , before cocreating one of the principal avant-garde and Latin Fusion projects of the seventies in Spain, Mirasol Colores.

Intrigued with Eastern mythology and music, he traveled to India in 1977, spending several years there, devoted to meditation and the study of Indian music, learning to play santoor and tabla.

Living in Osho's community in Poona and playing music during the meditations in His presence shifted his perception and style of music, powerful rhythms carrying a silence within the sounds, music as a tool to connect with the inner being, to promote healing and presence, living in this moment.

His love for music and the joy of connecting through rhythm with others is guiding his work for the past 40 years, in 1995 he co-founded Nazca Music in Holland, and recorded more than 30 albums through this label, his own as well as other artists. In 1999 he moved to Portugal, where he is involved in recordings, performances and the organisation of meditation retreats and the yearly Osho Festival of Music and Meditation at his place Pomar da Serra in Alentejo.



WORKSHOP Meditation / Dance

Tribal Meditation

Dance is one of the oldest forms of expression to connect body and soul, used in many indigenous cultures in their tribe healing gatherings. The dance allows us to reclaim our innocence and natural power. The dancer disappears into the dance, there is no ego, there is no separation.

Rupesh, from Mexico, and Harida from Chile, both percussionist, created this dance meditation with powerful rhythms on a wide range of percussion, connected to the different elements inside and around us: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

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