Dominique Antonina

Dominique Antonina


Professionally, she is  a qualified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and Reiki practitioner. she has been learning and refining her skills in personal development and therapies for the last four years and it brings her huge joy and satisfaction when she has the opportunity to share the skills she finds so valuable. Personally and professionally she has been drawn to the deep and profound work often referred to as “shadow work”.


WORKSHOP Body, Mind & Spirit

Dialogue with the Shadow

The purpose of this workshop is to gracefully allow people a safe space to share their experiences of shadow work and learn some tools and techniques for coping with and healing these darker aspects of self. The shadow represents the repressed, misunderstood and often feared aspects of ourselves/our ego. Shadows are the parts of us that we try to hide or repress out of shame. But the truth is that we all share shadow aspects and they are only aspects of our ego that need love and acknowledgement to be learned from and eventually integrated and transcended. The therapeutic tools embedded in my approach are sensitive, direct, powerful and long-lasting.

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