Assaf Cohen

Assaf Cohen


Born in israel, he traveled and living in many countries around the globe, mainly South America India and Europe.

He always looks for the knowledge in the local cultures, the wisdom of the local singing and dancing, the simplicity of native life, and the knowledge of the mother earth herself.

During his spiritual quest that started around 16 years ago, he discovered that I actually live OSHO way. He always sensed that true spirituality has to do with joy, creativity, freedom, smile, and should not be too serious. the new human being is as free as a butterfly . . .

Life brought on his path sacred chanting, conscious dancing, reiki teaching (master level), hatha and kundalini yoga, master plant ceremonies, crystal work, nutrition, thai massage, tarot cards, sound healing and other gifts. I like to combine the techniques he studied. in the last two years his main focus is biodanza.


Dancing Tree

Dancing tree is a group workshop based on vocalization and movement, with strong affinity with thai chi, chi kung ect.
The participants starts to improvise free style, like trees dancing in the wind, creating sound and movement, then gradually going into contact with the earth, with all parts of the body.

This is his pearl workshop, he has done it at least 50 times, many people say after years, that their blockages were gone forever.

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