The Grounding Experience

The Grounding Experience

The Grounding Experience

The Grounding Experience is a Conscious Reconnection to Mother Earth through the contact with sifted living Soil that is gently poured on top of those receiving the connection. By consciously establishing this connection we become physically, electrically, psychologically and spiritually connected to the Whole.

The ritual is facilitated by a male and a female. It takes place in an area circled by stones; the soil retrieved from there has been sifted and the central mound, resulting from the operation,  is where the therapy takes place.

The circle of stones is a way to invite Nature to provide protection to people whom are there in complete surrender to the Whole. The power of electrically balancing with the Planet holding us it is so strong that only through consciously letting go it is possible to be surrendered to Love.

The Grounding Crew

Jorge Crespo and Helena Silva are the duo behind this project. Together, they facilitate this Grounding Journey of letting themselves and others to experience a great way of reconnecting to the whole through the very same medium that nourishes us all: soil.

The project was born during the repositioning and maintenance of the solar stations at the Boomland, back in 2013.



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