Being Fields

Being Fields

What began as a small-scale project is today one of the most sought-after areas of the festival. Formerly known as the Healing Area, the Being Fields are like stepping into a festival within a festival. This is the spiritual epicenter of Boom that radiates to the whole Boomland.

This is the place to be for Boomers who wish to roam around the dazzling gardens, take a break from all the frenzy and reconnect with nature and to themselves, while indulging in mind and body invigorating activities.

Yoga. Meditation. Oriental practices. Alternative medicine. Shamanic Rituals. Water therapy. Transformational processes. Healthy Eating or simply just enjoying the magical beauty of the natural setting. Whether you are already engaged in these kinds of practices and they are a part of your life - or you have been wondering how you could benefit from them - the Being Fields provide a generous and diverse source of inspiration and new experiences that will support you in journey into yourself. For 20 hours every day, this is the place to regain harmony of body, mind and spirit which are the foundations of a healthy human being, and thus a healthy society in tune with Mother Nature.

Many years ago, the Healing Area, now renamed Being Fields, began as a special interest program beyond the dancefloor. Today, it is a major part of the festival. It reflects how more and more people become aware of the urgent need to reconnect with themselves, others and the planet.

The connectedness and consciousness field that has been arising at the Healing Area and that will again be generated at the Being Fields in 2018 reveals how Boomers are taking a conscious, active step towards the collective evolution of human consciousness. Nurture your mind, your soul and your body for a better self and a better world!

Online applications for the 2018 Being Fields program are closed. We are deeply grateful to all who applied!

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