Vicente Bettencourt

Vicente Bettencourt

Vicente Bettencourt

Vicente was born in Trapiche da Barra, in the North East of Brazil. His artistic life started very early, as his dad João Batista was a painter and a sculptor. From 1976 on, he was displaying his art in Brasilia, where his technical skills and peculiar style started to become more and more obvious. 

After that, from 1986 on, he settled in Vila de EMBU in the state of São Paulo, where he had a permanent display of his oeuvres at the Orixás Gallery, where he was living very close to nature and where he could finally explore his creativity and artistic potential, making big scale sculptures.

It is from nature itself that he picks the materials he needs for his art. Stone, more specifically talc, and wood (paubrasilia and sucupira) are his favorite. The vegetal resines are molded into unique shapes with other materials such as bones, conches, among others.

His style can be characterised as fantastic surrealism. His "memories from the future" are loaded with a powerful, timeless mysticism, and filled with feminine sensuality.

The dreamy universe of Vicente has crossed borders throughout the planet and a large amount of his works have been acquired by collectors everywhere in the world.


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