Plazmalab is a collective of dreamers with a main goal of bringing their artwork to life. With an experience of over two decades, encountering and tackling new challenges have become a part of who we are. Each Plazmalab member contributes to what we'd like to think of as a creative house that extends itself way beyond fashion. these days you can see Plazmalab on clothes, walls, huge wooden constructions, etc.

Plazmalab pieces are all manufactured locally, done individually by a bunch of super talented, creative craftsmen. The designers, ink masters and pattern makers all have a part in the elaborate process of production.  

At Boom 2018, they are planning, designing and building the dream temple main stage

Collaborating artists from all over the world in order to make sure that all Boom visitors will have the most amazing experience while being in the dream temple stage. The main guide line for the stage construction was to build a temple who could gather all different cultures that come to be one at the Boom land.

Using organic materials- wood, metal and gentle colors the aim is to give a gentle warping feeling  to the atmosphere.

Plazmalab is also in charge of designing and producing the Boom’s merchandise collection. Getting all artiest from their studio to combine the perfect mix of models and styles for you to have a great souvenir from the Boom land.

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