OzeArv is a Portuguese artist based in Lisbon. He creates murals and artwork on canvas. Nature and portraits are two central themes of inspiration in the work he has created in the last few years. Contrasting colours, patterns and gradients are added to realistic images of people and animals. With some craftsmanship, these themes seem to blend together in a perfect fashion.

His work shows some kind of graphic nature that overrules everything. The first approach of his drawings have a thematic and technical intent, with a slight hint of approaching the contemporary. In a later stage of creation, the colour that makes our daily life is added, making sure that each and every one of his artworks become whole. A delight for the spectator.

OzeArv’s work can be found in England, Belgium and Italy, and of course in his home country Portugal. Lisbon still has hidden street corners and walls where his work is inspiring many people every day. Next to his daily painting habits, he also has an eye for light photography and digital illustrations.

At Boom, he will present the project  '6 paths of choice' at the Central Plaza.



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