Lugu Test Area

Lugu Test Area

Lugu Test Area

A duo of artists from Portugal and France that look daily materials to bring them back to life as artworks! Self-taught, experimentalists, playful, Lugu Test Area style is a combination of observation and sustainability ethos. 

They like the freedom of developing art from materials that are not used anymore (metals, components of old cars, etc), bringing them back to a new life.

Old water buckets turned into surreal seating places, CDs turned into moopies, components of cars become music stages, VHS tapes turned into moving mad-max-style-disco ball, to name just a few.

According to Lugu Test Area members, “They give us a new creative pulse, a new input to create things never seen. Trash is non standard and unexpected, what better material to make art?”

But it is not only about using old industrialized materials. They explore the possibilities of bamboo, wood, cane, stones to combine the natural elements with the industrialized outputs.

Such a creative flow fits perfectly with festival culture, they have been traveling the world in many large scale events, showcasing their art and leading a way of looking at common materials. People love it!

In a way, Lugu Test Area symbolize how a different perspective can turn waste into art. With this process they change the world and they bring more beautiness and playfulness on our everyday lives!




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