Jan Balbaligo

Jan Balbaligo

Jan Balbaligo

Jan Balbaligo is a British-born Filipina, Architectural Designer and Artist. Originally trained in Architecture, she decided to learn about the potential of natural materials, working with bamboo, willow, wood and cane.

Since 2006, she has travelled internationally working for the events and entertainment industry designing and building large scale artistic structures and stages, working independently or collaborating with other artists. She has been able to explore the world through art using her creativity, on a mission to promote natural materials to a wider audience and the commercial architectural field. She also gives building workshops to children and has been a guest critic and lecturer at academic institutions in London and the Philippines.

Jan has worked in Europe, Latin and South America, USA and Asia and is currently based in London.






Nataraj stage

This year’s world Dance Stage celebrates the movement and flow of dance and performance.

Taking inspiration from the Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa using materials from Portugal, the Nataraj Stage will explore the power of repetitive formation.

From a beautifully complex woven wall, to tall decorative swaying lanterns, all will be made by hand using the simplest tools and local, natural materials.


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