Cecilia Soares

Cecilia Soares

Cecilia Soares

Cecilia was born on November 12, 1980 in a small village in the north of Portugal. She lived surrounded by nature and beauty that has influenced her deeply in her path and her art.

She started at the university of fine arts studies but soon she understood that her art wouldn’t go through the academic path.

She left the university to live in Sintra, a mystical village in Portugal where, along with the psychedelic culture, she has discovered her signature  through visionary art. Currently she lives in the Natural Park of Montseny in Catalonia where she creates in deep contact with the surrounding nature.

Her multidisciplinary work goes from visionary art to landart complementing with sacred sexuality where themes as space / time, divine mission / individual mission are the basis of her expression.

Special Needs Camping Galactic Portal: Salom-abi-aya (my mind is the mind of god)

This installation presents itself as a galactic portal that generates an energetic vortex, providing a balance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.

Conposed by natural elements such as the succulents and trees that represent the physical manifestation of the language of God on the earthly surface and by Portuguese naperons that remind us of our mission as human beings as cocreadores, in which meditation is the means of access to this Divine wisdom .

This work represents her individual contribution to the anchoring of the sacred feminine of our Great Universal Mother (IONI-Bi-Avil) on our beloved planet earth.

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