Artescape: Dance Temple Sacred Geometric Temple décor installation.

Carin Dickson is the mastermind and lead artist behind Artescape. Carin is a South African based artist specializing in large scale art installations, stage design and decorative shaded environments.

For the past 12 years Artescape has been one of the global driving forces in the evolution of festival art and décor. Carin began her psychedelic art journey in the year 2000 by hand painting UV backdrops ‘just for fun’, which has now evolved into a full time business supporting a large team creating fully immersive 3D environments for festivals around the world.

This art is a psychedelic experience all on its own, a combination of colour mastery, perceptual depth and universally inspired designs, all brought together to create a truly visual playground, within which the audience finds itself entirely immersed.

This year for the Boom Festival main dance floor Artescape is joining forces with EDSA to create a powerful Sacred Geometric Light Temple. The geometry of the Dance temple structure and canopy design is based on a combination of the Fibonacci spiral & Metatron’s cube encompassing all universal sacred geometric shapes. These geometries will fractal further into Cathedral inspired details within the Dance Temple.




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