1000 Errors

1000 Errors

1000 Errors

1000 Errors is a multidisicplainry artist collective who's work, often inspired by Sacred Geometry  is created using a wide variety of different mediums covering a multiple art disciplines.

These range from laser cut geometric woodwork art, video projection mapping, 3d animation, virtual reality art, vjing & sculpture making. With an ever evolving team of collaborating artists and technicians they are always looking to push themselves to the cutting edge of technology driven art that also resonates with its viewers.

1000 Errors is the combined artwork of Olly Balsom and his partner Marion Strumpel, a multidisciplinary artist duo who specialize in art inspired by Sacred Geometry utilizing a wide array of various mediums to create what they envision.




The Sacred Geometry Flower Garden

The Sacred geometry flower garden is a beautiful installation comprised of wooden geometric flower sculptures that light up at night. Each flower contains a unique geometric design found naturally occurring in nature, ranging from the Fibonacci spiral found in sunflowers to the flower of life witnessed when cells divide.Precise geometric forms and intricate patterns have been laser cut into the flowers resulting in a striking visual aesthetic that is a beautiful to view in the daytime as it is at night.



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