Triforce are an Australian dark progressive psytrance/techno project consisting of producers Charlotte Lohmann & Ryan Smith.

Ryan's background as a metal guitarist and Charlotte's long history as a vocalist/pianist has lead them to become a dynamic musical team. Creating music together and experimenting with a variety of genres for 6 years has lead them to form a rich musical bond, resulting in a unique sound that sits in the mysterious and uncharted territory between dark techno and psytrance. Focusing on organic timbres, they aim to breath rich melody and beautifully orchestrated motifs into their original productions.Triforce signed to Zenon Records in 2017, releasing their first EP 'Lifeblood' with the label in May of that year. Triforce have also had releases on Techgnosis Records (Canada) and Universal Tribe Records (Australia).

Triforce have travelled Australia & beyond to spread their unique sound playing festivals such as Modem Festival (Croatia), Freqs Of Nature,(Germany), S.U.N Festival, Tree of Life (Turkey), Parvati Peaking, Electric Mahadev (India) & Australian festivals Earthcore, Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Subsonic, Rabbits Eats Lettuce and Strawberry Fields.

Triforce are about to embark on a tour of Europe and Brazil this 2018.


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