April Updates

It's April and we've got a few announcements to make! Read on to get updated on the Boom 2020 theme and learn about the brand new video on Boomland's reforestation program.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 11

What is the current state of psychedelics in today's societies, and what does being an activist mean in this context? These are just some of the questions explored in this discussion panel.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 10

In this tenth Liminal Village Specials webisode, action groups share solutions to biggest environmental challenges to face Portugal.... read more


We're bringing you the latest news on life at Boomland during these past winter months and most recent content published on the Boom channels!... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 9

Sacred Geometry encodes everything that surrounds us, translating creation into the shapes and forms that we perceive and which create our world. In this compelling ninth webisode of the Liminal Village 2018 Specials, Homaya Amar transports us into the realm of Divine Consciousness.... read more

March 2019 Update

Boom's efforts in creating environmentally sustainable and ethical spaces, art installations and environments were recently recognised with the International Greener Festival - Greener Creative Award, yesterday during the International Greener Festival Awards.... read more

Boom February 2019 Update

Boom Festival 2018 received the "Outstanding Greener Festival Award", among other news about the Boom multiverse - coming your way!... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 8

This eight webisode of the Liminal Village Specials is a profound exposition of the current drug legislation and policy, the challenges and benefits of decriminalisation and insights on the Harm Reduction model.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 7

Plants have tremendous impact on our lives and wellbeings. The seventh webisode of the Liminal Village Specials approaches this fascinating topic in a comprehensive way.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 6

In this sixth presentation of the 2018 Liminal Village Specials, we approach substance use and its diversity in a globalised world. How can different models of cultural, spiritual and medical practices co-exist in harmony?... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 5

Interest towards indigenous cultures and their ways with spirituality, medicine and relation with life has been increasing over the past years - in this fifth Liminal Village 2018 Specials webisode, we approach this particular phenomena, its impact and other related topics.... read more

Liminal Village 2018: Webisode 4

In this fourth Liminal Village Special, medical doctor and psychedelic activist Andrea Zeuch bridges the world of psychedelics and society as we know it. We invite you to tune in with this inspiring talk!... read more

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