The Boom Festival 20 Years documentary (1997-2017) film sums up its origins, 11 editions of the festival and all the projects which emerged from its evolution over time.... read more

Letter to the Boomers 2018

A recollection of what marked this 2018 edition, an assessment of both positive and less positive aspects, and a message from our hearts to the whole Boom community.... read more

Boom Festival 2018 - Night Aerial Views (Extended)

Here's the extended of the night time aerial view of Boom 2018!... read more

Celebrating Boom Festival's 20th anniversary: official book and documentary film release

The unveiling of the book and documentary film which celebrate Boom Festival's 20 years.... read more

Kaleidoscopic Sounds are back

Before sharing with you the recorded sets from Boom 2018, we're giving continuity to the podcasts series Kaleidoscopic Sounds.... read more

Dharma Dragon 2018 now available online

We've just made available the most recent edition of the Dharma Dragon.... read more

Paradigm Films list

Find here the extensive list of the Paradigm films screened at Boom 2018!... read more

Lost & Found

Have you misplaced anything during Boom 2018? We've set up a website where you can look for your missing items and get them back.... read more

Your photography is your art - care to share?

If you've experienced Boom through a lens, we'd love to display your art on our channels.... read more


A few words of gratitude to all who contributed to an outstanding edition of Boom! (Translations available for Portuguese and French)... read more


We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to all Boomers who co-created this wonderful edition of Boom... read more

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 8

How can we integrate what we’ve learned at Boom into our daily lives? On the day that marks the end of Boom 2018, here are some tips on how to take the Boom spirit home... read more