Online tickets are SOLD OUT!

Online tickets are SOLD OUT!

Dear Boomers,

There’s no denying that the last few weeks have been slightly intense. And we wouldn’t have got through it without the love, trust and support that most of you have placed in us. We rode this crazy rollercoaster together! Thank you so much, our gratitude to you all is endless.

So we finally managed to navigate through the complexity of the situation and re-launch the ticket sales platform.

As always, the demand outstripped the supply. Boom tickets are limited. A total of 28,600 Phase 1 and 2 tickets were sold out. Today, 20 November 2017, 15,569 tickets sold out in just 3 hours and 30 minutes. The system was setup to operate on a first-come-first-served basis.  

The sold out happened without any program announcement, which embodies your trust on Boom and also the fact that our festival is much more than a line up. All artists are extremely important for the whole Boom experience and their contribution is beyond measure. But at Boom, the real VIP’s are all of you Boomers. Thank You.

You will be pleased to hear that Friendly Price tickets and Phase 2 tickets will be launched on the 19th of December and available to buy from our global network of Boom Ambassadors. They will also be limited.

For more information about buying tickets from Ambassadors, please visit the Tickets FAQ page on the Boom website or reach out to
It’s been quite a journey - but an evolutionary one, an ever-expanding one… And the cracks have been filled with floods of light - just like they do in everyday life.

Thank you once again for riding through it with us. Let’s keep it groovy - and let’s have some fun! And we are putting up a mind blowing Boom edition!

Thank You For Being a Boomer

With love and gratitude,

The Boom Team

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