The official Boom Festival 2016 movie is finally here!

The official Boom Festival 2016 movie is finally here!

Dear Boomers,

Every edition we try out different techniques and narrative approaches with film crews. For the 2016 movie, we decided to blend technology with psychedelic art and provide you with an interactive experience into the Boom journey - from the very first steps of production all the way to the last day of the festival.
The result is a playful and tailor made narrative which lets you chose your own path through the different worlds that constitute the Boom Festival multiverse.

So, how does it work, exactly? The story will present you different options as it develops - just click on whichever you would like to see next! If you find yourself off-track, we’ve got you covered: below the video you will find a Mindmap which is basically an overview of the entire movie. Click on it to select exactly what part of the story you would like to see next.

Also, we recommend desktop visualization for an optimized experience. Plug In and Play.

To watch the movie, go HERE.

With Love and Gratitude,

Boom Team


Documentary “Keepers of the Future”

Produced by
Independent Reality Film and Boom Festival Team

Directed by
Independent Reality Film


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