Newest Update Post-Cyberattack (3rd of November)

Newest Update Post-Cyberattack (3rd of November)

Dear Boomers,

As we have been preparing the relaunch of the online ticket platform, we are in the process of concluding a thorough auditing due to the well planned cyberattack that targeted the online ticket shop that Boom was using.

As a result of the events which occurred between the 19th and 20th of October -  more specifically a cyberattack usually known as Denial of Service -  we engaged in a criminal complaint on the 30th of October 2017, at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Castelo Branco district courthouse.

Such an attack did not allow the users to normally register into the platform to acquire their festival tickets, which obviously resulted in an inconvenience for the users as well as for the festival itself - an event which cannot and should not be tolerated due to its criminal nature.

In these times, and considering the emotional toll this issue has taken,  we feel deeply grateful for all the words of love and support which have come to us. Moreover, we want to thank every Boomer for their patience regarding this issue, as we know so many of you have been eagerly awaiting for news concerning tickets for Boom 2018. We feel that it is worth mentioning that these procedures take time and must be carefully contemplated and implemented as to maximise their efficiency.

As we write these words we are preparing the relaunch of tickets, stay tuned for more news on this topic next week.

With Love and Gratitude,

Boom Team



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