March 2019 Update

March 2019 Update

Boom's efforts in creating environmentally sustainable and ethical spaces, art installations and environments were recently recognised with the International Greener Festival - Greener Creative Award, yesterday during the International Greener Festival Awards.

On 5 March 2019 Boom Festival was honoured with the "International Greener Festival - Greener Creative Award". Its efforts in creating spaces, art installations and environments based on principles of environmental sustainability and ethics were recognised by the independent jury of the International Greener Festival Awards, which took place yesterday for the first time ever. 

In total, Boom was nominated for five out of ten categories - specifically International Greener, Greener Creative, Community Action, Pied Piper (Greener Communications) and Water & Sanitation.

Overall, 40 festivals from 17 countries were assessed accross ten categories which included Greener Transport, Greener Catering, Greener Power, International Award, Community Action, Greener Creative, Circular Festival, Water & Sanitation, Innovation and Greener Communications. For each category of the initiative, seven festivals were nominated. 

Recently, Boom has also been awarded with the "Outstanding Greener Festival Award 2018", the highest accolade of the four categories to be awarded within the initiative.

With acceptance of this award comes a responsibility that is twofold: seeking improvement in every way, all the while going deeper in every initiative undertaken to truly walk the talk. 

More importantly, we would like to aknowledge all the input from every artist, member of staff and Boomer who has contributed to the recognition that it's possible to raise awareness by way of true festival culture.

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