Cyber Attack Update (21 October 2017)

Cyber Attack Update (21 October 2017)

Dear Boomers,

A few hours after freezing the Online Ticket Sales for Boom 2018, we want to update you on the present situation.

The cyber attack we are facing is very real and we are taking it seriously - this was not just some bad joke played by a single individual or a small group, but rather a planned and organised attack, led by someone resourceful. As you know, this attack affected the online store very gravely. Ever since we shut the store down, we have been conducting a thorough examination and met with specialists in order to find solutions and better understand where this is coming from.

It is important to stress that, unfortunately, these kinds of attacks are very common in the world nowadays.

At the moment we are undergoing a thorough study and we will let the Boom community know 48 hours before we decide to re-open the online store. Regular updates will be given.

We also want to shed some light on a recurring doubt many of you have been asking about: the first phase of Ticket sales is indeed sold out. Although the DDoS attack prevented many Boomers from entering the platform, thousands of other Boomers were able to purchase their ticket - we let the shop run because we were able to minimise the damages for a few hours.

If you find yourself in the situation of having bought a ticket and not finding it in your email: please rest assured, as we are responding to every email and message sent, case by case.

We understand how this situation might cause a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction but we hope that it will not encourage either hate speech or divide or assumptions of a supposedly lying scheme - the world has plenty of that already.

It is remarkable how so many Boomers are managing to remain positive - receiving hundreds of kind messages of support, expressing your sympathy and wishing us good luck in dealing with this issue has been wonderful and proves just how stronger we are when standing united. Thank you all for that. It means a lot.

With Love and Gratitude,

Boom Team

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