Boom 2018 Diaries - Day 0

Boom 2018 Diaries - Day 0



The program hasn’t started yet. As different teams hasten to finish up last minute details around the venue, Boomers find other ways to pass their time. After setting up camp, some of them chill by the lake to decompress under the warm sun. Others head to Funky Beach to grab a drink and connect with fellow Boomers, listen to the live set and gaze at the landscape…

A striking sunset of bright pink and orange hues lit up the sky. The colours bounced off the lake, drenching the Boomland in a magnificent light. You could almost hear Mother Nature echo: ‘Welcome Home to Boom’.

We were honoured to see how so many of you planned ahead and came early to enjoy extra time with the community. It only proves how our biennial gathering is so much more than just a lineup. It’s about the smiles you give and the smiles you get, about encountering old and new friends and about that familiar feeling of being back where you belong.


Yesterday was phenomenal. The Dance Temple soundcheck sent ripples of euphoria across the site and with just 24-hours to go, it felt the countdown to blast-off had truly begun. At the same time, Boomers who arrived by planes, trains, automobiles and bikes began to trickle into the festival, many of them converging around the peripheries of the the dance floor - bigger than a Portuguese football pitch.  

They slowly filled the trajectories of the site with their positive energy as they strolled through the flea market, chilled at the shore of the lake or dived off the big blue dragon floating near the Dance Temple. The Central Plaza, where they converged to dine, was getting busier by the hour too. People have come home to Boom from all over the world, and it was truly humbling to hear their stories.


From the UK, Alex Rainsford cycled 450 km to Boom through France. He said: “This was the first bike tour I’ve ever done and I wanted to combine it with a trip to Boom. I was really apprehensive and nervous at first, but once I got on the bike, I loved it. I was wild camping all the way and loved the experience of soaking up the land and culture. It was sunrise at 6.15am by the time we arrived and I felt really excited and relieved.”

He added: “I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Stefano Terranova for the work put into organising the Boom by Bike initiative. Thank you to the staff who work at the Bike Village for helping out and doing all the repairs, and also to the people who were involved with the organisation of this morning, who were up at crazy o’clock to help us navigate from the roundabout, and of course to the police for taking time out at 5am to escort us down the hill.”

According to Stefano from the Boom by Bike Initiative, a total of 80 people cycled to Boom. So far, 50 have arrived, with many of them coming from Japan, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.


Others such as Lucy Barrett, who was sitting at Central Plaza with a group of friends, travelled to Boom all the way from Perth, Western Australia.

She said: “Amazing. We got here at 4.20 pm today with a crew of about 20 other Perthlings. It’s my third Boom and we’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Everyone on the bus was just cheering when we arrived. Even at the airport, people would get excited. I’m looking forward to the Museum of Visionary Art, which is the best art gallery in the world and which really inspires me because I’m an artist too, so I can’t wait to see the different artists paint live.”

Alex Ocean said it was his first Boom: “I’m just looking forward to discovering and exploring. I’ve had some good food, and now I’m just anticipating what the experience will bring me.”

Leona Ghosh from Australia is also about to experience her first Boom. She added:  “Absolutely blown away by the vibe and the set up and I’m really excited to explore. I’m looking forward to every second.”

Ross Byrne from Ireland said 2018 is his fourth Boom. “The last time I was here was in 2010. Coming in on the bus and looking around, I can see it’s changed so much, it’s grown so much in a short time.”  

From Ireland to New Zealand, Royston Moot is about to experience his second consecutive Boom. He said: “I was here for the first time in 2016. Everything is so familiar - it feels like coming home. I’ve felt this place has grown, and so have I since the first the first time I was here. I’m looking forward to being surprised. I’m hoping the experience at Boom will give me the inspiration to do something different in my life.”

To be continued….




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