Boom Karuna Project Day 4 in Africa

Boom Karuna Project Day 4 in Africa

From the 80 kg of waste collected at the beaches in the last days, 56 kg can be recycled. Today the community has provided us with an additional 4 bags which we'll be weighing and screening. It's touching to see how the locals are responding to the initiative.

Our adventure here continues as we keep upcycling waste plastic into everyday objects - like a basket, as you can see on one of the pictures. As from yesterday, we also started working on a parallel project with a group of kids and youngsters. The project entails growing a vertical garden using old plastic water bottles, where we've planted seeds for aromatic plants which will nourish many workers who stop by during lunchtime.

This morning, a group of kids from the Diogo Vaz community reached out to us with the intention of learning more about the machine. They actually brought 3 full bags filled with waste and we sieved through it while discussing how plastic waste can be avoided and what to do with it. During the afternoon, we visited other nearby communities and met with parents to explain them the aim of the initiative, showing how the machine can provide solutions to the plastic problem. They'll be able to choose what objects to fabricate with it, and we engaged participation with a simple exchange: a spinning top is rewarded for every 50 bottle caps collected.

We chose the islands of São Tomé e Príncipe due to its historic proximity with Portugal. It is also part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the island of São Tomé (where Boom Karuna Project is ongoing) is home to one of the continent's most biodiverse forests. With roughly 50,000 inhabitants on the island of São Tomé alone, finding balance between human action and nature is paramount for the conservation of the islands.

The Boom Karuna Project is a charity project stemming from Boom Festival. Its purpose is to channel festival revenues to empower communities.

Tomorrow will be our last day in this wonderful island, we'll keep you updated every step of the way.

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