Boom Karuna Project Day 3 in Africa

Boom Karuna Project Day 3 in Africa

Cleaning all the plastic bits before they go into the plastic recycling machine, is key! That was part of today's mission, sieving through all the waste and making sure it got properly cleaned. This inspired a fun game that helped us integrate all the knowledge we gathered about plastic pollution

Inside the machine's oven, the melted bits of plastic obtained from bottles, bottle tops and other items, are giving us the matter that will materialise into new objects. For 20 min to half an hour, the plastic melted at 230 degrees celsius and originated a bowl and a tile while a group of kids and adults watched and learned about the process.

The Boom Karuna Project is a charity project stemming from Boom Festival. Its purpose is to channel festival revenues to empower communities.

In parallel, the kids and the onsite team have been working on a special out for more news on that in the following days.

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