Boom Karuna Project Day 1 in Africa!

Boom Karuna Project Day 1 in Africa!

Boom Karuna Project Day 1 in Africa!

The Boom Festival charity initiative lands on the archipelago of São Tomé e Príncipe, in Africa. In cooperation with the NGO Missão Dimix, we are doing a project with children to raise awareness on the plastic that arrives on a daily basis to the shores of one of the most important sea turtle conservation points. 

The project involves the donation of an open source technology developed with Precious Plastic Portugal and community engaging initiatives with a local group of children and teenagers between three and fifteen years of age who find themselves in difficult life conditions.

Over the course of the weekend, our team, volunteers and members of Zero Waste Lab Portugal introduced them to the topic of sea pollution. Combining art with activism, 10 to 15 posters displaying messages like: "Plastic Kills Turtles"; "Help us Clean the Beach"; "Make Art with Waste";  "We Want a Blue Planet" - just to name a few, were created. 

With the posters in hand, the group demonstrated by one of the main local beaches, interacting with beach-goers and collecting several kilos of trash, which we'll screen and process to use in future activities.

The Boom Karuna Project is a charity project stemming from Boom Festival. Its purpose is to channel festival revenues to empower communities. 

Bringing this project to life was only possible thanks to your support and ticket purchases - THANK YOU, MUITO OBRIGAD@ <3

Stay tuned in the next days for more updates!

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