Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 8

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 8



How can we integrate what we’ve learned at Boom into our daily lives? Over the last few days we’ve heard many stories from Boomers who’ve been inspired to totally change their lives after attending Boom – so we know it can be done!

From artists who’ve given up their day jobs to those who’ve been motivated to undertake further academic study, Boom has helped clarify many Boomers’ true paths and transformed their approach to life in general.

The closing speech by international dance music diva, singer songwriter and Empress of Improvisation Lex Empress was a call to action for Boomers to take the lessons of the last week home, apply them to their everyday activities and take responsibility for creating a new reality. As she said, “We are conscious and one everywhere, not just here!”

As Liquid Faeries’ lush flags continued to blow around the beach, the sun finally set and Boom set its intention for another amazing edition in 2020. Let’s bring it on and see you all in 2020 for another epic edition of oneness and love!






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