Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 4

Boom 2018 Diaries - DAY 4



A few hundred Boomers packed out the Prana Shala tent at the Being Fields - formerly known as the Healing Area - for a session of Restorative Yoga. Wednesday was evidently a good day to roll out of your tent and start the day on a holistic note. So even if you did end up slightly upside-down on Monday and slept the whole of Tuesday - there is still hope because life goes on! And this means you can still totally realign your chakras before embarking on another four days of shamanic vibrations.

Micky Space held the session and focused on areas such as the hips and spine, which he said carry a lot of tension. Integrative and connective practice involved pairing up with a partner to create postures - creating a larger sacred geometric formation.

Micky said he was ‘totally blown away by the receptivity and openness of Boomers’ during the session. He highlighted the importance of holistic practice during the festival. He said: “We live in a busy world where we constantly rush, organise and plan.

“Boom is an opportunity to step away from that. You don’t need to worry about catching this act or that person. So create space, slow down, take time to just sit by the lake or even by the dance floor to tune in and be in that state of presence. Use your senses and breathe. Experience every single moment as it unfolds - that really is the secret to life.


The Gypsy Caravan outside the Boom supermarket rocked out for a few hours while the sound systems at big stages took a break. Outside the supermarket though? Imagine this happening in your own home town… We create our own reality and this is how it looks.

DJ Clandestina kicked off. There were just a few people throwing shapes to funky world grooves. It took several minutes for a bigger crowd to form. And as the sun began to set, hundreds of steampunk freaks, glittering mermaids and poi wizards set the vibe for the night ahead…


Judging by his Dance Temple set - it doesn’t seem likely just yet! ‘Back to Earth’ could be heard from the far reaches of the festival sending epic vibrations through the floor. We caught up with him just after his live set.

He said: “I feel like a little kid. That was f****g epic. It was so nice to experience visuals that size as well. Normally all the visuals are going on behind me and I don’t get to see anything. Honestly, there were moments during my set where I thought I was in some kind of undersea city, I kept seeing all these jellyfish swimming around. I was on mescaline though. But it looks fucking amazing. This is the Woodstock of Trance for me.


Etnica blew the roof of the Dance Temple with their uplifting euphoric beats, completely raising the vibration. They said: “The last time we played Boom was in 1998, so we’re very happy to be back after so many years with so many friends. It’s a great feeling for us to play this music to so many people. You know this morning we were shaking like little kids!

“But a little bit of nerves isn’t a bad thing. People have been waiting all year for this thing to happen, so that moment when you actually step on the stage – that’s the moment where you have to entertain these people. So, it was really an honour for us to be here today! We have a big love for the music, the sound, so we always try our best. It’s not always possible to make all of the people happy all of the time, but they looked like they were having fun.

“It’s so very very different to 1998. There’s so much effort to create with all the art. So it’s not just about the music - together, they make it!

When asked whether they were living the dream they agreed: “It’s been going on for 30 years or so. We encourage all the young producers, all the new guys, to never give up. The dream is there for you, so just go for it. We are all waiting for you guys! Sometimes we feel bad that we are still here taking all of the space! For us sound is like oxygen – we need to breath it all the time.”


Another psy trance veteran, Man With No Name was also looking very happy after his set. When asked about his experience of Boom, he said: “It’s my third Boom. I played in 2010, then in 2014, which was awesome, and now 2018, which is as awesome as 2014. So, I was obviously a late-comer to the Boom family as it’s been going for 20 years and I’ve only been playing for eight of those 20 years. But I’m very happy to be here.”

How did his set feel from up on the stage? “Well put it this way, you can tell I’m enjoying myself when I’m doing the things I was doing up there! I just felt a really good connection with the crowd and felt like I could act up bit and that it would be appreciated.

“Sometimes you’re not sure whether you can play the fool, but you can tell when the crowd is up for some fun – so I thought, let’s have some fun, because this is what it’s all about! Plus I had a good night’s sleep last night, so that helped!”




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